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Mixers Hire

Behringer X32 Compact
Perfect for live music and conferences, gigs, concerts and speaches. Significantly improves the sound quality and allows to remove most of feedbacks from microphones. Recommended to be operated by a sound engineer.
16 channel mixer hire
Ideal for smaller events and studio recording. Comes with various pre- set effects, including revers, delays, chorus, flanging and pitch. It is easy to use and gives many options.
yamaha mixer hire
Great mixer for basic music production, conference, live sound or any kind of event. with a multi-effect processor that provides a range of reverb, delay, modulation, and distortion programs you can use. Comes with four high-performance microphone preamplifiers with switchable phantom power. A build-in channel compressor allows to achieve great vocal sound. Easy to operate due to its intuitive design.
alesis 8 channel mixer rental
Great solution for conference, studio and bands. Gives a boost to microphones and instruments with weak level.
multimix mixer hire
Basic 4-channel mixer. Great for any small event. Recommended for iPod / laptop setup when own source of music needs to be connected.



Audio Mixers for Hire

When you are thinking of hiring a PA system there is an important element you should not forget about – a mixer. No matter how many speakers you go for or what kind of device you are going to use to play music from, you need to use a mixer. Mixers combine and allow you to control, change signals from output devices like laptops, microphones, instruments etc. and send them over to the PA. 

When choosing a mixer, note that number of channels determines number of devices and instruments that can be connected to it and used at the same time. 

For any kind of a small events where only one or two microphones will be used, a simple 4-channel Alesis Mixer will do just fine without reckoning up too much of additional charge. But if you organise a big gala with many devices required, you need to reach for something different like, for instance, Behringer 32channel digital mixer.

For larger events we also recommend our technicians to be on-site throughout the event. He will take care of all feedbacks and volumes control. He will also provide any technical support you may need.

Apart from domestic and conference use we also hire out DJ mixers. We aim at the best quality and that is why all our DJ mixers are Pioneer brand.



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