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LED Screens hire

The World Cup is just about to begin. It starts 14th June and the final game is on 15th July. That means over a month of football fever! Why not to watch it on a big screen. We offer LED walls solutions - various sizes and resolutions. We can provide ANY size.

We deliver, set up and maintain the whole installation. Let us know what size are you looking for, we will suggest you the best option.

What is really important? Why to choose us?

Our biggest strength is the resolution. Our screens are P2.5, which means the pixel size is just as small as 2.5 mm. It means that we can provide so sharp image that full HD resolution can be achieved from just 148 sq ft (217"). Of course we can build larger screens, up to 4K (600 sq ft / 55 sq m).

Here are specs for example LED screen sizes:

LED screen hire

Size: 13.82 sq m (148 sq feet) = 217" screen
Width: 4.8 m (15.75 ft)
Height: 2.88 m (9.45 ft)
FULL HD 1920x1080:
Recommended for few thousand viewers

LED screen hire

Size: 6.45 sq m (69 sq feet) = 152" screen
HD 1280x720:
Width: 3.36 m (11 ft)
Height: 1.92 m (6.3 ft)
Recommended for few hundred viewers

All screens go on special trussing systems which we provide.
Please note that our displays are for indoor or under-roof use only, however we can provide the stage & covers systems that will secure the screen against the rain. Please let us know if you need that one too.
We can also provide line array sound systems, which easily cover large areas with calibrated sound volumes. Please contact us for details

Here is what we need from you:
- power source
- Internet connection for the best screening experience

Below you can find common large screen sizes divided by the grid which shows how many tiles you need for each screen setup. Please note that grid is NOT visible on the video. It's only applied for better understanding how does it work. You can see the average human size next to sceens.

LED screen sizes