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Lighting Packages

£109 + VAT PER DAY
Basic package hired usually for smaller events such as birthday parties or small school events.
£270 + VAT PER DAY
Good choice for any sort of event. Uplighted trusses create a great atmosphere and the smoke machine enhances light effects.
£400 + VAT PER DAY
Package recommended for larger parties.
£830 + VAT PER DAY
Professional lighting pack suitable for large events like parties, concerts, gigs.
£1080 + VAT PER DAY
Advanced lighting package recommended for large events like gigs, concerts, parties.



Party Lights Hire

Lighting system at a party is obviously essential. Choosing the right equipment can be the difference between a forgettable occasion and a party with the right atmosphere. We know that the poor lighting system brings poor effect. A well-chosen lighting can make a huge visual impact and create a nice effect. 
That’s why we use well-known and trusted brands, such as Robe or Avolites. We deliver the best quality products in fair prices.
We offer small, medium and large packages of lighting equipment hire in London. Depending on your needs and expectations they include simple disco lights like scanners or two types of advanced moving heads. To complement the effect of each lighting packs LED PARs or BAR uplighters are a part of the sets.
If you want to intensify the effect, don’t forget about hazer / smoke machine. Haze will create a subtle mist and make all beams of light visible throughout the dancefloor. The smoke machine will produce proper smoke for that disco-club effect. 
LED PARs and LED bars are recommended for any occasion. They can be used both for highlighting the dancefloors with or without disco lights as well as up lighting walls, ceiling, stairs or entrances.  If you need a reliable hassle-free party service - disco equipment hire is the best option for you.
Our disco lights in a nutshell.
Scanners are simple yet effective disco lights that work light to music. They give the best effect when used with uplighters. Together they make a great team that works wonders for small and medium parties. 
Spot and wash moving heads are more advanced and usually dedicated for bigger events. They are very popular at weddings and gigs. Wash moving heads project only streams of light. They work light to music so a controller is not required but necessary if a specific movement or colour is desired.
ROBE moving heads project colours and shapes, which are also called gobos. We have a variety to choose from. We can also create a dedicated one especially for you, please ask for details. ROBE are professional moving heads so a lighting control desk is a must. For less demanding events we have a dedicated DMX recorder which is easy to operate. It comes with 8 buttons, each responsible for a different lighting effect. For a specific movement, colour or effect a lighting controller and preprograming is necessary. When it comes to concerts or big galas we believe that a controller and a lighting technician is highly recommended. 
Disco lights rental is easier than you think - and we set it up for you.
Our engineers will set lighting up for you, so you don’t need to worry about anything. Most of our lights use latest LED technology. They are not only safe energy but also do not heat up giving an extra risk of fire. Also, every year we run PAT testing on all of them to make sure they are electrically safe. 
Trust us and we deliver the best experience for your party. We are experts when it comes to lighting rental - both wedding lighting hire and disco lighting hire. We promise and deliver - for your satisfaction. Your happiness is our goal. Let us make you happy and your party great! This is what we do. Think Lighting Hire London - say AVE Hire.

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