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LED SCREEN 4 January 2019

LED screens are very popular mainly because this technology became more affordable. They are one of the most wanted visual equipment to rent in London. Therefore, we also decided to expand our offer. LED wall is the best solution if you are after a great visual effect for your conference, product launch, fashion or sporting shows.

Let us give you some details about the screen first. It basically works like a giant TV screen, but way better. It displays movies, pictures or any kind of data in a large format. It is made of tiny LEDs placed close together. The smaller the distance between them, which is referend to as pixel pitch, the better the resolution. Our LED screens are 2.5mm pixel pitch which allows for a great resolution. For more technical info head over to our website https://www.avehire.co.uk/led-screen-hire

The screens we stock are designed for indoor events and can be set up either on the floor or a stage stand that we provide. The stand itself can be 40cm or 60cm high with sides covered either with black skirting or gloss HIPS. We can also supply a stage with matching black or white HIPS. Look at the pictures attached below. It really gives a spectacular effect, don’t you think?

The screen comes with no speakers so if you need sound or lighting, we can help with that too. Our experienced team will set everything up, make sure all works as it should and either stay over for the event or come back after to collect everything. Usually our clients prefer one of our technicians on hand during their events.

It is good to remember that the screen is high power consuming that might take up to 6500W. We would either require a 3-phase electric power socket or at least 2 standard 230V independent circuit sockets.

For any questions you might have just give us a call or drop us an email.