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Stage hire guide

Stage hire guide 7 March 2018
Since a stage hire it is very popular lately among our customers we decided that it might be worth telling you a bit about our stage hire. 
We create stages out of 1x2m aluminium elements. They allow us to build different sizes based on the combination of those units. The stage elements are 40cm high, covered with a black lino with a honeycomb pattern and can take up to 500kg weight. Depending on what the stage is needed for a skirting might be an option to consider. It covers the space under the stage, which for a conference for example will definitely be useful but not necessarily for a gig. We can also provide you with a small step that will help with getting up on the stage. 
When it comes to choosing the right size we all roughly know how much space one person needs to feel comfortable sitting or standing, right? Based on this it is a lot easier to decide how big your stage needs to be. Also think what is the stage going to be used for and make sure you have it all covered. For a conference a lectern or a screen might be needed. If you are looking for a raiser for your DJ he will most likely require a DJ booth to fit there too.
When it comes to hiring stage for a band, it is best to speak with the band directly and since they know their equipment well, they will be able to advise how much space is needed. 
Our stage can be used indoors as well as outdoors. With outdoor events the ground needs to be as flat and stable as possible so that the stage does not lose its stability. 
You can order a stage with a black carpet. That comes with an extra charge and we would need to know in which configuration the stage elements would be set up. For more details it is best to simply discuss that with us.
Here are few pictures from our previous setups that will show you how our stage looks like and hopefully give you some ideas on how could it be used during your event.