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£100 + VAT PER DAY

LiteConsole XPRS

Aluminium, portable DJ table with translucent side and front panels. Accompanied with a colourful uplighter it looks even better and makes you stand out more than ever. The booth comes with 3 shelves where you can easily fit your CDJs, mixers, controllers or turntables. Uplighting bar is not included in the price.
- Width approx. 133cm
- Height approx. 115cm
- Depth at top approx. 95cm
- Depth at base. 66cm

- Top Shelf approx. 120 x 37 cm
- Main Shelf approx. 120 x 83 cm
- Bottom Shelf approx. 120 x 65cm

- Weight: 60 kg (132,27 lbs)

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