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Strong LED Gobo projector that allows to project a chosen print image or pattern. Fantastic solution for all kind of events: Weddings, Mobile DJs, Clubs, Bars, Retail Stores and Business events to highlight company's logo on a floor, wall or a building. There is a possibility to create the customised image of your choice. Images/logos are printed on a transparent paper and placed inside the projector. Only one image can be placed inside the projector at a time.
- Gobo size: 5,4 cm (viewable size: 3,97 cm)
- Beam Angle: 25,32 or 43 degrees
- Multi-voltage: 100- 240V, 50/60Hz
- Power consumption: 83,6 W max
- Dimensions: (LxWxH): 23,6 x 22,7 x 21,5 cm (0,77 x 0,74 x 0,7 ft)
- Weight: 3,6 kg (7,93 lbs)