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A quick guide to uplighters

A quick guide to uplighters 6 September 2017

We all dream of a beautiful wedding. If not for ourselves then to the wife to be. We use lights and colours to create a nice atmosphere. The atmosphere that reflects who we are and how we really see the world, how we want other people to feel.

There is an easy way to do that. All you need is few uplighters and a chosen colour that would match the idea in your head. Most of our clients do not know how many uplighters would be required to fill a room with light. For the subtle effect we recommend one uplighter every 3 meters, but for an intense colour effect- we recommend one uplighter every 1-2 meters. They can be set to any colour using RGB mixing method. Some of them can be set to a white colour and others to white, amber and UV. 

Uplighters can be used in a number of ways – they can be placed on the ground facing up, so the light is projected onto walls, pillars or stairs. They can be mounted on trusses or T-bars to point in a certain direction. Mostly used by performers to light up their stage or as disco set up when used in an auto mode. There are actually 3 modes they can be set to.


You can set the lights to change colour with the sound. It is ideal during parties - events involving music and dancing can wonderfully utilize auto uplighters.


If changing colours is too much of a hassle or simply not your style opt for a normal mood lighting ambience where the lights are set to one or more colours of your choice. An elegant and intimate gathering can utilize this kind of lighting to set the vibe.


Want to try customized uplighting? This option gives you access to the controller where you can tweak the settings to create personalized programs, so the colour changing happens as per the pre-set programs. 


What occasion are you going to use them for? How will you set the up? If you need help – give us a call.