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NYE party for PIwL

New Years Eve with AVE Hire
NYE party for PIwL 6 January 2017
This was our third event together and we are sure there are more coming!
We provided lighting, DJ equipment and few additional to the in-house system speakers.
6 Robe Colorspot, 4 Robe Wash and 2 PG Wash moving heads were mounted above the stage where the DJ and the lighting technician were and around the dancefloor. We used truss lifts and trusses to build a frame for the lights around the stage. All other moving heads were placed around the venue and a hazer machine was used to enhance the effect of lights. When set properly, it does not trigger a smoke alarm that is why we recommend to use it in places where the smoke alarm cannot be turned off. 
With events big like this one, set up takes few hours and usually require at least 2 technicians. 
This is a similar set up to our lighting pack no 5 but with more moving heads. 
Just like their previous events, this one was a great success and everyone had a wonderful time. 
We are happy we got a chance to celebrate the NYE with PIwL and all their lovely guests. 
Happy New Year everyone!