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30th Birthday Party

Bday Party Small Setup
30th Birthday Party 17 December 2016
This event took place in a marquee and 150 guests were invited.
The place was almost completely dark and the lighting we provided created a spectacular effect. Little LED lights that came with the marquee matched perfectly the lighting our Robe Colorspot lights projected. A smoke machine was used to enhance the effect of the lights. As all professional lights need a lighting controller to operate, we provided our new one : DMX DR-PRO which comes with pre-recorded programs and allows using the Robe colorspot moving heads without having any knowledge of lighting programming.
In a space like this, the sound travels differently and the DJ requested 4 subwoofers and 4 top speakers to provide the best sound quality. Two smaller 400W tops were used as monitor speakers and the other two 850W as main once. 
If you ever plan an outdoor event, please note that all our equipment is mains operated and we need a power source nearby.