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10 tips when you hire out a PA

10 Tips when you hire out PA system
10 tips when you hire out a PA 15 December 2016


1. Make sure the PA can handle your requirements 

Your choice should depend on number of guests, size of the venue and type of the event.


2. Make sure all stands and cables are included

They may increase the price. Some companies charge extra for stands and cables. We don’t.


3. Get the right cables

There are many different connectors and if you want to connect your own equipment make sure you get the right ones. 


4. Make sure the mixer is included

When ordering speakers for your party remember that unless you have a DJ with his own equipment, you need a mixer to connect any device to the speakers, a simple one will be fine. For conference use, a mixer is a must too. 


5. Projector for a movie night requires a PA 

If you are ordering a projector it is worth mentioning what device will you be connecting to it and think whether you need a sound system. Most projectors do not come with one, so if you are planning a movie night, speakers and a mixer will be also required.


6. Some speakers are heavy, so don't forget to arrange a delivery

Some of the speakers are big and heavy, especially active subwoofers. Make sure you arrange a delivery as you may not be able to fit them into your car.


7. Setting up a PA is easy, but...

It may involve some unexpected issues, especially when you have plenty of them or if the space is big. At AVE, our engineers will set everything up for you, so all you need to do is just relax and enjoy your event


8. It's not about power

It may sound weird but volume doesn't always depend on power. There loudness depends on the pressure of air blown from the speakers. This pressure is measured in dB (decibels). 


9. Site visit is an option

You can save money and avoid stress and disappointment by arranging a site visit. It's not always free but it helps you to choose the right equipment and make your event stress free.


10. Ask questions

If you are not sure about something related to PA systems ask experts. We offer on phone engineer's advice and it's free of charge.




More useful tips coming soon.