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Live concert - Free To Worship

Live concert - Free To Worship 1 October 2016
Free To Worship is a gospel group wonderful of singers, dancers and instrumentalists that performed a live show in Dominio Centre on 1st October. 
The amount of energy they deliver on stage is equal to the feedback they receive from their audience. The whole show was spectacular and we are happy that we were given the opportunity to be a part of it. 
Ave Hire delivered lighting for the show. To bring illuminating colours to the stage uplighters were installed on a truss lift above the stage along with PG Wash moving heads.
Behind the band we installed Robes on trusses that were nicely lit with uplighters placed inside them. 
Hazer machine filled the stage with a subtle mist diffusing all the back lights, adding atmosphere to the exotic show at the same time. Our lighting technician was there thought out the whole event, adjusting lighting effects to the changes of the performance.