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Secret Brunch

Secret Brunch 2 December 2014

What is Secret Brunch?

Secret Brunch is the original secretive gathering of young, fabulous and trend-setting professionals which combines forward thinking House music, with the finest range of musicians, entertainers and Secret Brunch's infamous touch of creativity. This has lead to the event's continuing success. Secret Brunch is held at a unique secret location, with members never knowing what to expect. The location is revealed to only the attendees on the day of the event, with a full schedule of programs sent via email, upto 48 hours before the party. The brand's creative approach, attention to detail, frequent change of venues, and its strict door policy continues to revolutionise London's party scene.



Event at Millennium Gloucester Hotel

As always Secret Brunch delivered first class event for their guests. Works on this project started a day before the party. Six loudspeakers and two subwoofers were spread along the function room giving a total sound level of 5500W. DJs were playing latest house music releases from the most wanted Pioneer CDJ 2000s Nexus.



The stage for the performaces was build by seperate company, thanks to them dancers could demonstrate their talent, same entertaining the crowd of 300 people. Interesting is the unusual time when party started, first guests arrived at noon and show finished at 7pm.